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Mayan Power Bracelet

Mayan Power Bracelet view

Mayan Symbols of the Bracelet
Mayan Power Bracelet Symbols of fortune, love and dreams

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Introducing The Mayan Power Bracelet inspired by the magical scriptures of the Ancient Mayan world and sculpted with the Mayan symbols of Love, Fortune, Good Health, Healing Power, Wisdom, Loyalty, Dreams, and Energy.

Featured are the 21st. century and Mayan Millennium 2012, which, according to Mayan Prophecy, marks the beginning of a transcendent Era in the history of Humanity.

Discover and celebrate the joys of your existence in two of the greatest events of Mankind, the 21st. century and the Mayan Millennium 2012 . This is a limited edition, created and crafted in the USA. Only 999 pieces of this splendid bracelet were minted.

Now you can own a magnificent replica of this gorgeous gold plated bracelet sculpted with vibrant and exquisite over-relief, capturing the greatness and purity of Mayan art. This piece has been designed exclusively by the sculptor and paint artist Andreas Mujica ,  who not only revived the inspiration and sentiment of Mayan artists, but also added his own sensibility and personal artistic touch.

This gorgeous adjustable Mayan Bracelet can be worn by men and women alike, for formal or casual occasions. You will impress your family and friends with this elegant jewel, full of inspiration, artistry, and mystery.


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